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Juggling work and family demands is challenging, even in the best of times. In today’s environment, supporting working parents has never been more critical for businesses. 39Hats provides expert advice to your working parents and connects them to the best learning and childcare programs for their children.

39Hats gives working parents time back in their day and confidence they are making the right choices. Our services can help improve productivity, job satisfaction and ultimately create a more loyal workforce.

This can have a significant impact on your bottom line:

  • Just 2 hours of lost productivity a day can add up to $12,000 or more per employee over the course of a year
  • Caregiving is the #1 reason that women leave the workforce, and companies with more women leaders perform better
  • Turnover costs the US economy $1 trillion annually. For you, that means a single regrettable departure can cost between 35% -200% of that individual’s salary

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Concierge Service

Trusted, expert advisors who provide personalized recommendations on learning and childcare programs and resources

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Preferential rates and special offers to high-quality learning and childcare programs in our carefully curated 39Hats network

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39Hats curated network of national, local, and virtual learning programs

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