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The company Bornfight d.o.o., Zagreb, Vukasoviceva 1, Personal identification number: 081271774 (hereinafter referred to as: Bornfight) takes the question of security and protection of personal information very seriously. Taking the mentioned into consideration, Bornfight takes special care that users of the website (hereinafter referred to as: users) are entirely informed about rights they might have regarding the collection of their personal information, as well as regarding security measures taken by Bornfight. 

By accessing and/or using the website, the user agrees to have read, understood and accepted the terms from this Non-disclosure statement. If the user does not agree, they should refrain from using the website, leave, and not access and/or use the website, as well as further on not access and/or use the website again.


Amendment to the Privacy Policy

Bornfight is authorized to amend the Non-disclosure statement at any time by publishing the amended text of the statement on the website The amendments shall become effective immediately after their publication on the website. Any use of the website by the end user after such publication shall be considered as acceptance of those terms. The user shall periodically re-read the Non-disclosure statement to keep informed of any changes.

If the user uses the website after the Non-disclosure statement has been amended, it shall be presumed that they have learned, understood and fully accepted the amendments. Liability of Bornfight for any damage caused to users or third parties due to such amendments shall be excluded.


Type of Data Collected and Use of the Data Collected

Bornfight collects personal information that identifies users of the website Bornfight. When a user joins in on certain activities on the website Bornfight, such as newsletter subscription, participating in competitions organized by Bornfight, filling out surveys, posting comments, sending feedback to Bornfight, seeking information about Bornfight products and services, applying for jobs, Bornfight has the right to demand the users provide certain information about themselves. The user shall not be obliged to join in on the mentioned activities.

If the user chooses to join in, Bornfight shall be authorized to request the user’s personal information, which, depending on the activity, can include: name and surname, address (including ZIP code), e-mail address, telephone number including cellphone number, date of birth, place of work and employer information. Bornfight shall be authorized to use the personal information of the user to offer products and/or services, improve the quality of products and/or services, organize competitions, improve the functioning of the website, enhance the advertising and promotional activities, analyse the use of the website and inquire about the user’s experience with third parties. Bornfight shall be authorized to collect information that does not identify a specific end user, including the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of the website the user visited prior to opening the website of, the URL of the website that the user visited after leaving the website of Bornfight, the type of browser the user is using and the user’s Internet Protocol (IP) address.


Types of candidate data we collect during recruitment process

Bornfight processes all the candidate data you share with us for legitimate human resources purposes during the application or recruitment process. These include identifying and evaluating candidates for job positions at Bornfight; record-keeping related to hiring processes; analyzing the hiring process and outcomes; collecting reference information and/or information received from background checks (where applicable), including information provided by third parties. In addition to using candidate data for the position for which you have applied, Bornfight may retain and use data to consider you for other positions.

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